Friday, December 31, 2010

Emerging Innovationeers

The mindset of an Innovationeer is a set of skills developed over time.

The Emerging Innovationeer is a sequence of five activities you begin in class and polish outside of class during the six-week Innovationeer course:

1) Becoming an Artist
2) Viewing Perspective
3) Acquiring Precision
4) Refining your Art
5) Individualizing your Creations.

Every time you find and develop one of your five new skills, you post your personal impressions, opinions and observations onto this specific blog.

Feel free to embellish your blog post with pictures and anything else that will make your contribution memorable, unique and fun to read.

Enjoy your time as an Emerging Innovationeer!

Best Regards,

The ICAL Team


  1. world atla slist
    ny 1812-1945
    six scene sequence
    the adrentures of chicken
    snap act 1.sc2
    empire state building 1931-26 east
    23rd strate
    i have fun when i play puzll game
    and i learn today abut how make storys
    philip 17/01/2011

  2. Hello,
    What did you learn today about Snap?

    Dona Amelia

  3. Hi Laura,

    What did you learn about creating a story?